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Snowshoes, “ciaspe” or “ciaspole”, are a particular tool that allows you to move easily on snow. This activity is very successful during winter time because it is suitable for everyone, in fact, neither technical nor special physical characteristics are required. Snowshoe hikes allow you to be in contact with nature, fresh snow and enjoy fairy-tale landscapes, a slow alternative to experience the mountains. In Cortina there are various routes that can be chosen according to the needs and the athletic preparation of the participants, the outputs can vary from 3 hours to 5 hours and beyond. At the Cortina ski rental you can find excellent quality snowshoes for your walks in the snow!

Some snowshoe excursions

Ra Stua – Sennes
It takes about an hour to reach Ra Stua and an hour and a half to the Rifugio Sennes. To descend, proceed faster.

Departure: Fiames (altitude: 1400 meters above sea level)
Arrival: Rifugio Sennes (altitude: 2116 meters above sea level)
Difference in altitude: -400 meters

Five Towers
It takes about an hour and a half to arrive at Five Towers. Usually to go down you proceed faster. Stops are a must to admire the view in which you are immersed.

Departure: parking Bai de Dones (altitude: 1889 meters above sea level)
Arrival: Scoiattoli refuge (altitude: 2255 meters above sea level)
Difference in altitude: -500 meters

It is possible to continue until the Averau pass and the Nuvolau refuge.

Croda da Lago
It takes two and a half hours to arrive to croda da Lago. To descend, proceed faster. It is also possible to go sledding, the track is almost always beaten.

Departure: parking Lake Pianozes (altitude: 1220 meters above sea level)
Arrival: Palmieri refuge (altitude: 2046 meters above sea level)
Difference in altitude: -400 meters

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