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Terms and conditions


  1. The rented equipment can be picked up after 4:00 p.m. of the day before the rental period starts.
  2. The rented equipment must be paid including the day of restitution, if returned after 9.00 a.m.
  3. The hirer takes full responsibility for the hiring equipment. (After having checked its condition).
  4. The rental equipment is not secured. In case of total damage or theft ,without risk coverage, material in question will be charged to the renter in accordance with the market value.
    The parties may agree:

    • Standard insurance: an incremantal of 10% of the rental amount. The risk of theft and total damage of the material is 75% paid by the lessor holder.
    • Full insurance. It includes standard insurance and a total deposit refund even if you cancel the rental the day before the start of the rental.
  5.  In case of improperly treatment and/or vandalism damage to the rented equipment, despite regulatory convention, repairs will be charged to the hirer in accordance with the repair price list in force.
  6. This borrowing incremental rate must be listed separately in the cal- culation of hiring costs; if not, the lessee’s limitation of liability shall be considered null and void.
  7. In the case of theft, the hirer is obliged to report the theft to the local police and provide the hiring agency with copy.
  8. The lessee shall have to refund the entire purchase price in the event of partial damage of the equipment.
  9. If the equipment is not returned by the agreed date, the hiring agency wilI report the equipment as stolen to the police within 3 days of expire.
  10. Refunds will only be made in the case of illness and/or injury when proven by medical certificate.
  11. In case of cancellation, the insurance will be not refunded.
  12. You can choose full insurance only online.
  13. By signing the hiring agreement, the hirer accepts the conditions for the mounting, setting, and repair of the bindings according to standards given by the hiring agency.
  14. The conclusion of the hiring agreement is only possible after the hirer has given his personal details and has shown a document of identity. The hiring agency guarantees that the information given will not be diffused nor given to a third party.
  15. Changing rental is possible during the duration of the contract with materials of different categories and values, and charge the difference in the case of higher category, but no refund in case of lower category.
  16. This is to inform our customers that the processing of their personal data by the lessor, owner drawing itself, will be in electronic or manual exclusively for the fulfillment of contractual tasks in question and future to comply with the law and the provisions of the legally competent authority, for the keeping of proper accounts and the register of customers. With the acceptance of these general conditions of hire the customer expressly confirms having received the above information and have taken note and then gives her consent, in relation to the purposes contained therein pursuant to article 23 and article. 24 of the Privacy Code, the processing, transmission and dissemination of personal data by the holder in question and / or manager.
  17. We kindly ask the hirer to treat the equipment with care. Thank you for having chosen our agency and we hope you enjoy yourself.



  1. The snowboard and ski rates are per hour per person and include VAT.
  2. The tour rates are per one or two person per day, VAT included.
  3. To cancel your booking you need to write a request to the email shop@boarderline.it. Please note that you need to write an email from the same address which you provided in your booking. You must provide your booking number as well as name and surname to confirm your identity.
  4. If booking is cancelled the deposit is not refundable. The parties may agree on Cancellation protection and in case your travel plans are changing just cancel your booking up to 48 hours before pickup and get your prepayment back. The price of the Cancellation protection is not refundable.
  5. Prices may be subject to changes.
  6. The Direction reserves the right to change or cancel lesson or tour times.
  7. If the lesson or the tour is canceled due to insufficient snow or mechanical failure, you will be given the option of an alternative date or full refund.
  8. All lessons and the tours must be paid the day before.
  9. Instructors will wait no longer than 15 minutes for clients late and attending group lessons. Before leaving the meeting point they will phone the client on the number provided on booking.
  10. Clients running late should inform the instructor either on their personal mobile number provided on booking or on the office number.
  11. Reimbursements in case of sickness are given only on presentation of a medical certificate.
  12. Lift passes are obligatory and not included in the lesson price.
  13. The use of helmets is mandatory for all children up to 14 years.
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