Lagazuoi & The Hidden Valley

Passo Falzarego’s Lagazuoi offer one of the most spectalurar runs: the Hidden Valley! The run is not particularly challenging in itself, a red of no great gradient, but which winds down – opening and narrowing alternately – through stunning scenery, past archetypal pink Dolomite granite rock cliffs, under hanging frozen waterfalls, to the river valley above the hamlet of Armentarola.

The Hidden Valley

The Hidden Valley drops-in from the top of the Lagazuoi mountain at 2,752m, adjacent to the famous Rifugio. The Fanes mountain range can be seen to the right of the run while descending and is just a majestic sight. The valley walls to the left are smaller but scattered with frozen waterfalls, one of which you ski right under. It isn’t a water-fall, really, this is water that has seeped through the rock to be frozen on its passage to the valley floor. The colours, shapes and scale are mesmerising. The run twists and turns for 7 km, creating a mysterious and secret ambience. Once at the bottom of the trail, you have the option of taking the horse drag, a great experience, where you hold on to ropes pulled by a pair of horses as they take you along the flat frozen river bed to the next lift.
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The Hidden Valley Map